Right Home Inspections,
we do Home Inspections the Right way

RHI’s driving principle is to help you identify potentially dangerous and costly conditions in the property that you are looking to buy or sell. Confidence comes from knowing that there will not be any unpleasant surprises, after you have purchased the home. We will provide you with a detailed report within two business days that describes potential concerns, allowing you to be informed and in control of the negotiation process.

You will receive a comprehensive visual home inspection designed to evaluate the overall condition of the property and its major systems. We provide you with peace of mind by conducting a thorough and detailed home inspection. Each inspection follows an exhaustive checklist and testing protocol. We vigilantly search for unsafe, faulty, and dangerous components, systems, and structural aspects of a home. This attention to detail, assures that you will receive a quality home inspection giving you the piece of mind knowing that the property is safe for your family.

Each visual inspection includes a detailed home inspection report and digital photography. The photographs allow for a visual record which allows you or your attorney to negotiate the repair or the compensation for the defects. The easy-to-read report includes valuable information regarding the condition as well as the expected life span of all the major systems and components of the home. This allows us to present you with a realistic estimate of the scope and cost of future repair and maintenance.

We recommend that you are present during your home inspection. Your presence does increase the time to complete the inspection (not the cost) we feel it is in your best interest therefore it is our practice. Many home inspectors do not want to be burdened with you being on site; our view is that we are a team working toward your family’s safety. Once the full home inspection has been completed, we invite you to take the opportunity to engage in a post inspection review. We encourage you to ask questions as we walk through the property and discuss the inspection findings. While we do take digital photography as a record we feel that it is best to discuss any concerns in person on the property.

It is a given that just about every home will have some issues or deficiencies. While many deficiencies are often minor and have common remedies, some problems can be quite serious. We take pleasure educating you, and helping you to make informed decisions. We want you to know the actual condition of the property, before you choose to list your home for sale or make a purchase.


Consider the Health and Safety of your Family First

Right Home Inspections can assist and guide home buyers with additional safety, health, and efficiency related testing and remediation services that extend well beyond a standard home inspection. Common service upgrades may include radon, mold, lead paint, and asbestos testing and remediation. In addition, energy evaluations and structural analysis inspections can be commissioned. Finally, testing options for well and septic, and drinking water can preserve your family’s health, safety and well-being, in addition to protecting your investment. Right Home Inspections can be your one-stop source to providing these services for you.

With a quarter of a century in the building trades and a decade of experience as an Illinois certified home inspector, Right Home Inspections is the best choice to provide your family with the piece of mind knowing that you made the Right Home purchase.

Right Home Inspections offers the following types of residential home inspections.

Home inspection

Geared toward home buyers, comprehensive visual home inspections designed to evaluate the overall condition of the property and its major systems.

Prelisting inspection

Geared to the home seller, recommends and suggests repairs and upgrades that should be considered prior to selling the home.

A thorough home inspection can potentially accelerate the sale of a home and save the homeowner substantial money and frustration. Homeowners can fix defects and problems prior to listing their homes on the market. Potentially reducing the time required to sell the home, while decreasing out of pocket expenses for repairs.

Condo inspection

This service is geared toward buyers of condominiums. We will provide a complete and thorough inspection and evaluation of the condominium property and major systems for you so there won't be any surprises when you move in.