When should I call a home inspector?

Typically, a home inspector is contacted immediately after the contract or purchase agreement has been signed. Before you sign, be sure there is an inspection clause in the sales contract, making your final purchase obligation contingent on the findings of a professional home inspection.

What is the value and what are some of the benefits of a home inspection to a homebuyer?

Peace of mind knowing that a trained, licensed, professional inspector investigated your future investment and has provided you with accurate information regarding the condition of your property as well as information on how to maintain and care for the property.

What is the value and benefits of a home inspection to a home-seller?

Gaining knowledge of any deficiencies, repairs or upgrades related to the property before the sale will ensure a smoother sales transaction.

As a homebuyer, how do I go about scheduling a Right Home Inspection, and what do I need to do to prepare for the inspection?

Just call 847-769-8127 to inquire about our flexible scheduling options and to schedule your professional home inspection by one of our certified home inspectors. Please have your agent contact information and property information on hand.

Will you give me an honest, unbiased perspective of the condition of the home and property?

As professionals and certified InterNACHI home inspectors, we take pride in our work. We take ethical reporting and conduct very seriously and assure you that we will perform an unbiased home inspection each and every time. We will honestly disclose all issues regarding the condition and all aspects of the home or any repairs needed regardless of whether the issues are big or small. We encourage our customers to be present during the home inspection, so that we can discuss any concerns or matters relating to the property one-on-one in person.

How do you determine the cost for a home inspection?

The type of dwelling, number of mechanical systems inspected, and square footage will determine the final fee for each inspection.

Should a homebuyer be present during the inspection?

Yes, the more the buyer is informed about the condition of the home and maintaining it, the better they can make an informed purchase decision.

How much time does a typical home inspection take?

We take as much time that is needed to conduct a thorough visual inspection and report our findings. After the inspection has been completed, our inspectors will take as much time as you need to explain and make you (the customer) aware of the issues and the condition of the all the major systems of the home. The actual inspection time depends on factors such as; the type of residence, number of structures, and the total amount of square footage needing to be inspected.

What’s included in the inspection documentation?

Digital photos of any areas of concern at time of inspection, full electronic reporting system, and detailed analysis of the property inspected. Recommendations on findings with options.

What is your service area?

Right Home Inspections is proud to service McHenry, Dupage, Kane, Lake, and Cook counties.

What if the report reveals problems?

No house is perfect. If the inspector identifies issues, it doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t buy the house, only that you will know in advance what to expect. If your budget is tight, or if you don’t want to become involved in future repair work, this information will be important to you. If major problems are found, a seller may agree to make repairs.

What about other services like radon, mold, lead paint, asbestos, and water testing? How can you help me with further testing and remediation?

That’s a great question! If you choose to go beyond a standard home inspection, then hiring Right Home Inspections to manage further testing and possible remediation is certainly an option that’s available to you. We would be pleased to discuss any optional services that you may want to have performed. For a small fee, Right Home Inspections will oversee the process and make sure that qualified third-party vendors will perform the optional services that you require. This service is particularly convenient and attractive to our out of state homebuyers.